Come play the brand new, irresistible free puzzle game - Similo!

Join Avi and Will on their epic adventures through some historical events.
Travel through a dynamic calendar, land on the moon or celebrate birthdays of famous characters.
Navigate your way through more than one hundred levels in this fantastic puzzle adventure.

Why you’ll love Similo

  • FREE to play !
  • ESCAPADE through more than 150 fun levels.
  • EASY to play.
  • DISCOVER historical events levels.
  • A NEW level every day.
  • PLAY at your own pace without being stressed by a clock.
  • RELAXING music and gameplay.
  • SKIP levels that are too hard.
  • GRAVITY is used to realistically move the shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you get the idea for Similo?

I (Nicolas) was in a short family vacation at Quebec City.  We were in a restaurant waiting for the dishes.  I was looking at my girlfriend playing a simple grid base word game.   I asked myself : what will happen if I remove the grid and replace it by real physics instead?Within 2 weeks I created a working prototype.   My girlfriend initially laugh at the simple prototype graphics but was instantly hooked when she started playing.

2. How long it took you to create the first version?

3 months for one programmer at full time and one artist at part time.

3. Is it your first game?

Karl and I already shipped one flash game a while ago. We are also working on another game that is not ready yet.
Karl is also a professional illustrator and a sculptor (he use recycle part).
I previously worked at big game studios like Ubisoft or Warner Bros. Game Montréal as a on game such as Myst or Splinter Cell.

4. How did you come up with the simple graphic design for the game?

Karl and I were tired of long never ending projects.   We decided to use a more graphical art design so we could save up a lot of time by not doing detailed illustrations and animations. This is also a lot easier for the players to understand what is going on while playing.

5. Are you going to support different languages?

We will definitively want to integrate the support for multiple languages.   French will be the first language supported (this is our native language).

6. What is the minimum type of iPhone supported by Similo?

Any iPhone 5 or above.

7. What is the minimum iPad type supported?

Any iPad 2 or above.    Similo is optimized for iPad 4 and better devices.

8. What is it minimum android version?

Android KitKat 4.4.

9. What are the minimum hardware specifications?

At least a CPU running at 1Ghz and 512Mb or RAM.

10. Do you plan to make the game run on other platforms?

iOs (Apple) and Android are now supported.    Next platform could be web (working with a web browser).

11. When are you going to publish the upcoming months for the calendar?

We are trying to prepare and publish the next month at least two weeks before the current month is ending. Since we are a very small team it might be difficult to publish multiple months in advance.

12. Do I have to play all levels in order?

No!   if a level is too hard you can skip it and play another one in the calendar.
Try to play the episodes with a gear symbol in the calendar.  They are tutorials for important game mechanics.

13. Is the difficulty gets harder?

The first half of a month is usually a lot easier than the last days of the month.   Hard levels will usually receive a jigsaw symbol in the calendar.

14. I could not wait for the next day to come in the calendar. Are your going to fix that?

The calendar is designed to give you fresh content everyday.    You have access to all previous content without waiting.
If the game is successful enough we will integrate more content every day.

15. What can I do with the multicoloured stars?

Multicoloured stars are jokers : than can replace any type of coloured shape.
They can also be used to create a line containing two different coloured shapes.

16. How can I get a multicoloured star?

You will receive a multicoloured star for every sequence of a line containing 7 shapes.

17. What is the effect of connecting the ending of a line to its beginning?

Every shapes around the line will be destructed.
This is very useful to remove shapes of different colours around a line or to create a massive destruction effect.

18. How can we contact you?

Please let me know if you are experiencing a bug or if you have an idea to improve the game.  You can also send us emails just to say that you like to play Similo. Send to :

The team

Nicolas Beaudette


Karl Dupere-Richer